Motors & Motor Maintenance
WD EA-CHART Electrical Alternator Comparison Chart
Jun 2004
PDF, 47.6 KB
WD GE-START General Electric Starter
Jun 2004
PDF, 40.2 KB
WD-MTR-033HP-LOW-VOLTAGE Wiring 1/3 HP Motor for Low Voltage
Jan 2020
PDF, 173.1 KB
WD-MTR-033HP-HIGH-VOLTAGE Wiring 1/3 HP Motor for High Voltage
Jan 2020
PDF, 174 KB

Single Phase Motors

WD MAR-1PM Single Phase Marathon Electric Motor
Jun 2004
PDF, 43.7 KB
WD MAG-1PM Single Phase A.O. Smith Motor
May 2004
PDF, 42.5 KB
WD GE-1PM2 Single Phase General Electric Motor
May 2004
PDF, 47.9 KB

Three Phase Motors

WD ALL-3PM Three Phase Electric Motor
Jun 2004
PDF, 42.3 KB

Motor Maintenance

The following is selective motor maintenance literature and is provided for typical motors used by Shipco. This information is taken from Installation and Operation Manuals provided by the motor manufacturers.

A.O. SMITH MOTOR A.O. Smith - Century Integral Horsepower Motors Installation & Maintenance
PDF, 43.2 KB
BALDOR MOTOR Baldor - Integral Horesepower AC Induction Motors
PDF, 31.8 KB
GE MOTOR General Electric - Lubricator and Applicator
PDF, 77.3 KB
LEESON MOTOR Leeson - Standard Induction Motors
PDF, 1.4 MB
LINCOLN MOTOR Lincoln Electric - Installation, Maintenance, and Storage Manual for Standard Motor
PDF, 100.3 KB
MARATHON MOTOR 1 Maraton Electric - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions for AC Induction Motors
PDF, 299.3 KB
MARATHON MOTOR 2 Maraton Electric - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions for Standard Induction Motors
PDF, 1.8 MB
U.S. MOTORS MOTOR U.S. Electrical Motors - Installation and Maintenance Manual for General Purpose Horizontal Motors
PDF, 361.1 KB
WEG MOTOR WEG - Installation & Maintenance Manual for NEMA Low Voltage Motors
PDF, 463.3 KB