Type AC & ACH

All Temperature Condensate Pumps

Condensate Return Pumps

All Temperature condensate pumps which pump hot condensate up to 210°F. Cold condensate drips from an air conditioning system or coil. Pumps to a sink or drains to places where gravity is not possible. Features a 60-cycle, 3500 RPM motor running at 1/3 HP, 115/208- or 230-volt. Pumps up to 18 GPM at 20 PSIG with 3/4" discharge size. The 5-1/2 gallon, heavy-fabricated steel tank contains a NEMA 1 float switch to control pump. An industry standard 56J frame motor can be purchased at anytime.

All AC units can be converted to ACH units in the field. ACH unit has optional high water alarm switch or automatic cut-off switch to prevent receiver overflow (NEMA 1 Standard). AVH switch will shut down an air conditioning unit and also activate an audible or visual alarm, preventing an overflow condition in the tank.