Forced Liquid Operated Transfer Motive Powered Pump

Condensate Return Pumps

A Forced Liquid Operated Transfer (FLOT), also know as a motive powered pump is designed to transfer high temperature water (over 250°F) in applications where no electricity is available. Also used in environments that are potentially explosive or hazardous and environments that are wet or extremely humid that would require use of special motors.

The motive powered pump uses a pressurized gas up to 125 psig, such as steam, or compressed air as the motive force for pumping water temperatures up 300°F. Receiver material can be either black steel receiver ASME code-stamped for 150 psig or ductile iron. Motive powered pumps units are available in either simplex or duplex configurations with a variety of options including gauge glass, cycle counter assembly, and insulation.

A "packaged" motive powered pump (PK/FLOT) unit combines the motive powered pump (either steel or ductile iron) with a receiver that is typically elevated above the motive powered pump on a fabricated steel frame. The receiver can be either an atmospheric tank that is 3/16" black steel or a pressured tank that is ASME code-stamped for 150 psig.