Control Panels

UL® Rated Control Panels

Control Systems & Panels

Shipco® offers custom built panels to make your installation connections easy and fast. Panels are wired to comply with all NEMA and JIC specifications. Enclosures are available for all NEMA ratings and are UL labeled. The controls are designed for effective, automatic operation of condensate, boiler feed, surge tank, vacuum, and deaerator pumps. Panels contain a removable mounting plate as standard.

Panels can be either mounted onto units and pre-wired at factory or built to be wall mounted elsewhere. Selector switches with test push buttons are standard for checking rotation of motors. Fused, control circuit transformers provide step down voltage for control circuits that are above 115/1/60. Separate, independent control circuits are provided on condensate units.

Selector switches are available for pump control. Two typical types are lead-off-lag selector switches for manual alternation of pumps and auto-off selector switches for use with mechanical or electrical alternators. A mechanical alternator screws into the tank and is float operated; an electrical alternator is an integral part of the control panel and controlled by two separate switches.

If required, disconnects can be either NEMA-rated fused or NEMA-rated circuit breakers. Combination Integral starters and magnetic disconnects are also available. When disconnects are furnished, panels have lock-out / tag-out capabilities by utilizing through-the-door style with external handle. On boiler feed units and deaerators, an optional control circuit is available that provides an independent power source enabling pump[s] to be tagged out of service while maintaining power to other panel controls. Single point power is also available. Other options such as control relays, pilot lights, time meters, alarm lights and bells are available upon request.