Shipco® Transmitter

Level & Temperature Transmitter

Control Systems & Panels

The Shipco® Transmitter is a UL® recognized continuous level sensor on an internal stainless steel float column with a built-in RTD temperature probe. When coupled with a Shipco® programmable controller, the Shipco® Transmitter sends continuous level and temperature readings to the controller enabling it to perform various functions such as display status, read level set points, and signal alarms. The Shipco® Transmitter is rated NEMA 4X and eliminates the necessity for external float switches, dial thermometers and a sight glass.

When used on a unit, the Shipco® Transmitter is housed inside a pipe column to protect the rod and reduce water fluctuations for accurate level reading. The pipe column is typically mounted from the top of the receiver so as to keep it internal, however externally mounting from the side of the receiver is also possible. The stainless steel float column is rated up to 250°F (121°C) and its adjustable tank fitting accommodates variable lengths for receivers up to 120 inches (3m) deep.

Level Sensor
Range: 0–Length
Output: 4–20mA

Temperature Probe
Range: 0–300°F (148°C)
Output: 4–20mA