Shipco® Logic Controller for Vacuum Condensate

Control Systems & Panels

The Shipco® Type SLC-VC is an economical method of automating functions on a Shipco® vacuum condensate unit. The SLC-VC is used on vacuum condensate units for operating vacuum and condensate pumps and indication of level, temperature and vacuum pressure. The SLC-VC is a programmable NEMA 4X controller featuring a full color touchscreen display. Support for building automation protocols including Modbus and BACnet are available.

The SLC-VC can monitor receiver status locally and remotely. Continuous level and temperature readings are sent to the SLC-VC enabling it to perform various functions such as display status, read level set points, signal alarms, control pumps and control a make-up valve.


  • Live Graphical and Numeric indication for water level, temperature, and Vacuum Pressure via Shipco® Transmitter, Vacuum Transmitter, Temperature limit switch.
  • Operates 1-2 Vacuum Pumps and 1-2 Condensate Pumps.
    • Condensate pumps turn on at high level and off at low level
    • Vacuum Pumps turn on at low vacuum (high psia) and off at high vacuum (low psia)
    • Alternating control —Automatically changes lead pump on each cycle
    • Manual control—Lead-Off-Lag selector switch
    • Test button bypasses control sequence to energize pumps until button is released
    • Pump graphics change color to indicate status status (Green = ON, Red = FAULT, Grey = INACTIVE).
    • Run Cycle Timers with manual reset
  • Failure indication and protection.
    • High water alarm indicates overflow
    • Low water alarm indicates leaking tank
    • High temperature alarm indicates traps failed open
    • High temperature shutoff protects pumps from cavitation
    • Automatically adds cooling water to maintain operating temperature (Optional)
    • Makeup switch adds water to Vacuum Hurling Chamber
    • Alarm ledger automatically logs any irregular operating conditions
    • Loss of sensor signal indicators
  • Specific communication protocol with remote control override capability.
  • Factory programmed for the operating conditions of each unit.


  • 6-inch full-color touchscreen display
  • RS232/RS485 (RJ45 modular jack) port
  • Ethernet/LAN port
  • microSD card slot
  • Protocols: Modbus® RTU, Modbus® TCP, BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP