Model U

Single-stage, Centrifugal, Top-Mounted, Underground Pump

Pump & Motor Assemblies

A centrifugal, bronze-fitted, vertical design. Pump is fitted with propeller shaft for applications where the return piping is at or below floor level. A patented design (U.S. Patent #4,932,846) is typically more durable and simpler than most other design which often have chronic lower bearing failure. Column depths can range from 24 inches up to 27 feet for Model U (see Model MU for 6 inches to 23 inches). Pump types (such as 113-U, 114-U, etc.) selected depends on the design operating conditions—flow rate, discharge pressure and NPSH requirements; impellers trimmed to operating conditions.

Equipped with industry standard motors available in single or three-phase at 3500 RPM only. Pumps are typically furnished with bleed lines, sometimes called seal flushing lines, to help prevent the pump from vapor binding and to allow pump operation against a dead shut-off for a period of time without burning seals. Standard mechanical seals provide for temperatures up to 250°F. Higher temperature seals and special faces available upon request.