Type ABT-H Series

Air Break Tank for Hydronic applications

Specialty Products

The Air Break Tank (ABT-H) unit comes standard with either a simplex or duplex bronze fitted Pump & Motor assembly and a 3/16" thick black steel receiver. Receivers are available in three popular sizes–30 gallon, 50 gallon and 100 gallon. All receivers have a gauge glass assembly, a low-water cutoff float switch and a solenoid valve and float switch assembly with an air gap.

Air break tank units provide a positive air gap fitting to eliminate back flow and possible contamination of water supply. It is used anywhere system water loss is present. The unit functions as an air break tank when the optional float switch and solenoid valve are supplied with an air gap fitting. Excellent for process loads, cooling towers, hydronic applications or anywhere loss of water necessitates make-up because they provided a detached central make-up supply reservoir.