Download Shipco Pumps Tools

Run VirtualPump™ and MathWizard™ on your desktop PC/Mac!

Tools Package


ZIP Archive (37 MB)

Shipco® Pumps now bundles VirtualPump™ and its MathWizard™ unit sizing application and calculators in the same package.

Get the same functionality found on our website, but without the need for an internet connection to run.

  1. Download and then extract/open the package.
  2. Copy the all contents inside the package onto your desktop or onto a removable USB stick.
  3. If you're using a Windows PC launch Shipco Tools (Windows).cmd or if you're using a Mac launch Shipco Tools (Mac).command and Shipco Tools will launch in your browser.
  4. Shipco Tools runs a tiny web server console to function properly. Once you are finished using Shipco Tools you can close this console.